Before leaving the island, our friends Judith & Bruce from sailing vessel Little Whale, invited us to come along on an island tour. We jumped at the chance considering we had all our boxes shipped and remaining boat chores complete. We spent the day traveling almost the entire island and included a stop at Annandale Falls. You reach the falls via a trail that winds through the jungle. The trail meanders through the forest and along the river. Along the way you are treated to a variety of flowers. You will also find yourself rock hopping the river trying to keep your feet dry. Once you reach the falls, you can take a refreshing dip in one of the pools created by the falls.

Our next stop was the Pearls Airfield. Pearls was Grenada’s first airport, though it hasn’t been used for commercial service in years. These days it mostly serves as a nice grazing area for local cows, goats, and curious aviation and Cold War history buffs. When the U.S. Military invaded Grenada back in 1983, Pearls was one of their primary targets. Old planes, like this Soviet crop duster with “CCCP” still barely visible on the fuselage evidence the Cold War history here. This aircraft, and an old Cubana Airlines plane nearby, were both damaged by invading U.S. Forces and left here to rot.

We continued our journey around the remainder of the island before return back to our apartment after dark.

Since the Maurice Bishop International Airport in Grenada is closed, in order to get back to the USA we have to take a chartered flight to St. Thomas where we would be able to connect with an American Airlines flight back to Miami.

We were excited to finally be able to get going on this part of the journey. We arrived at the airport around 8:30am in plenty of time for  our scheduled departure time of 10:00am. However, at 9:30am the flight was cancelled because there was too much wind and it wasn’t safe to make the trip in such a small aircraft. Disappointed, we walked to a nearby motel where we would stay in hopes that tomorrow the weather would cooperate. The room was very nice and had air conditioning, something we hadn’t had in two years. We enjoyed the air conditioning and hot showers then walked to the Aquarium, a nearby restaurant located right on the beach. This was a great way to spend our last night in Grenada, nice meal sitting at a table right on the beach. Not too shabby!

The following day we walked back to the airport and caught our scheduled flight to St. Thomas. We flew at a cruising altitude of 8,400 so there was plenty to look at along the way. Both this flight and the connection to Miami went smoothly. We spent the night in Miami and took our next flight to Jacksonville the following day.

It was a great relief finally reaching the USA after all the COVID restrictions. Our friend George who has been looking after our Kia van for the past 18 months, picked us up from the Jacksonville airport. George had our ride at his house and she was ready to make the trip back to Tennessee.

The trip back to Tennessee was easy and enjoyable with little traffic on the roads. I guess this is one good thing about COVID. Since we have been back, we visited with friends and family and got caught up on doctor and dentist checkups that have been overdo.

We house sat for a couple of weeks and did some of the things we missed while being away for so long. Went to the lake and mountains couple of times and visited Gatlinburg.

The airport in Grenada is still closed, so it is unlikely we will be able to return anytime soon. 5KNOTS is still for sale so maybe she will find a new home in the meantime.