Two of our buddy boats had packages delivered to the marina in Staniel Cay so we headed that way so they could pick them up. Headed that way is an under statement considering it is about 60 miles north of Georgetown. None the less, time is our friend and we got the weather window we have been waiting for so off we go. Here is the whole crew sitting at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

On the way from Georgetown we spent one night at Rudder Cay and snorkeled the piano with the mermaid sitting in about 20 feet of water. This piano and mermaid were put there by David Coperfield who owns Rudder and the surrounding 10 islands. It was great to be able to snorkel again!

One of the main attractions at Staniel Cay is the Thunderball Grotto which was in two of the James Bond films. The grotto sits just off of the marina and there are a few different ways to enter the grotto. However, you should arrive at low tide in order to enter without having to go completely underwater. As soon as you get to one of the entrances, you will be greeted by tons of fish. You can bring crackers or bread to really get them to come to you. You do not want to miss this snorkel opportunity if at Staniel.

Our anchorage is at Big Majors just off of Pig Beach. It is a good spot when you want protection from East/Northeast winds. There are a bunch of pigs living here and when you come to the beach they come out looking for a handout. You have to be careful approaching the shore because the pigs come out and will try and get into your dingy. Two people were bit by this one 300+ pounder, I think there will be a pig roast tomorrow!

In addition to Pig Beach, there is Dog Beach (where you can take your dogs) and Pirates Beach. Many of the cruisers usually make their way to Pirates Beach around 4:00 pm for a social gathering. Everyone brings a snack to share and it is always a fun time. There are two tables, a fire pit,  umbrellas, paddle boards and a corn hole game. It is quite nice.

It is amazing what we take for granted in the United States, everything you can imagine is either a short drive away or a few mouse clicks on Amazon. This picture is of the Pink Pearl which is one of the three grocery/supply stores at Staniel. You have to time your trip to these stores because you want to arrive two hours after the supply ship unloads. The fresh produce and meats tend to go quickly.