We are so happy that Anthony, Amel, Lalia and Maelie came to visit us in the Bahamas. We have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Looking at the upcoming weather, we decided that it would be best to spend a few days anchored off of Rose Island rather than attempt to travel the 40 miles down to Schroud Cay. Rose island is only 8 miles from Palm Cay Marina and we can get there in just over an hour.

We left the marina the next day and arrived at our new anchorage early morning. After making sure the anchor was set, we took the dingy over to Boo-Boo Beach located on an island just south of the anchorage. We spent the afternoon snorkeling, swimming and walking around the island.

The next day was New Years Eve and we decided to spend the day on Rose Island where we swam and played corn hole. Sandy Toes has a resort with a restaurant on the island where you can have lunch. You can also get close to three pigs that come down to the beach for a swim. The staff will give you hot dogs to feed them if you want. Lalia and Maelie were especially thrilled to have been able to see them. In addition to pigs, there are several peacocks and chickens that run wild around the area.

From our anchorage we could see seven different firework displays. So we rang in 2018 at anchor watching fireworks. New Years we went back to Palm Cay Marina where we would spend the remaining two days before our guests had to return home to France. The marina has a beach and two nice pools, one for children and the other for adults. Lalia enjoyed spending time in the pool.

It is difficult being away from family on holidays, so it was extra special being able to spend it with Anthony and his family.

Renee and I will remain at the marina until next week when the repairs will be complete on our sail.