After we finally closed and the boat was ours, we made plans to move it to Clearwater Beach, Florida where it will stay until we make our permanent move to the boat. Clearwater is a one day drive from Knoxville and an easy flight if we do not need our vehicle while at the boat.

We left Ft. Lauderdale a few days later than we had planned due to a hold up in the boats paperwork with the wind off our nose. Since time was short, we decided to motor through the night and hope to sail once through the keys where we could pickup a wind from the Southwest. It was a clear night and we enjoyed seeing all of the stars above. The trip to Marathon went smooth and we arrived in Marathon around 10:00 where we were going to top off the diesel and fresh water. While making our way to the fuel dock, an attempt to put the boat in reverse had no affect. Then we tried to move forward, same thing. Can you say Uh-ho! We assumed we had just lost the prop. We were very fortunate because at this time we were just a few feet from the dock where we tied up.

After going below and looking into the engine compartment, we noticed the prop shaft was missing and water was coming into the boat through the hole where the shaft is suppose to be.    We grabbed one of the emergency wood plugs that would fit the hole and banged it into the hole which stopped the water from entering the boat. After further inspection of the situation, we found that the prop shaft had sheared off and when we put the boat in reverse it pulled out of the engine. Turns out that when it shot out, it hit against the rudder which kept it attached to the boat. Since the boat would have to be pulled in order to make the necessary repairs, we decided that we would have the additional items found during the survey also repaired. Looks like we will be here awhile.

Since we all had commitments back at our real lives, we had to just leave the boat and head home.