We are back in Miami and there is an abundant supply of Latin music in the air. Miami is rich with a Latin/Hispanic feel that you can find all over the city. It is an exciting city that seems as if it never sleeps. We are currently anchored at the Marine Stadium basin with our three other buddy boats where we will stay for a few days before moving around to NoName harbor. The basin, as is NoName harbor are quiet during the week but on weekends the locals come out and anchor for a good time. The parties go all night long with dancing, singing and Latin Music that seems could be heard for miles. We are contemplating crashing one of the parties because everybody is having so much fun.

So how many engineers does it take to figure out the Miami Rail and Bus schedules? Just a short walk from the boat is a bus stop. For $5.00 per day you can ride the bus and train as much as you want until 4:00am. Not a bad deal except it took us 2 1/2 hours to go 14 miles. Each day we all meet for a dingy ride so we can begin our daily adventure to shore. It feels like a school field trip or more like a scavenger hunt. Everybody has different things that they need to get accomplished ashore and we usually split up in teams depending upon who needs to go where. We try to rendezvous at a specific place for lunch or dinner depending on how the daily errands are progressing. We have gotten word from other boaters that have already made the Bahamas that supplies can be hard to find and what is there is very expensive. A tube of tooth paste is $8.00! With that news, we all are reevaluating our provisioning and are stocking up on more items. I hope there isn’t a weight limit for entering the Bahamas!

The trip south from St. Augustine to Miami went smooth. We traveled a few days down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to Vero Beach where we stayed for two weeks. Vero Beach City Marina is a good place to stay while heading south. It is well protected and the mooring balls are  around $15.00 per night so you can’t beat the price. The only thing is that you will most likely have to double or triple up with other boats because so many boaters want to stop here. This is not a problem as long as you securely tie up to your neighbor(s). There is a free bus that picks up right at the marina and you can get all over town using the city bus system.

From Vero we worked our way south to Lake Worth Inlet where we hooked up with our 4th buddy boater Tim on SV Belle Marie. We decided to travel the remaining 70 miles on the outside rather than deal with the bridges and boat traffic from Ft. Lauderdale south. In order to arrive in Miami during daylight hours we had to leave at 3:00am. When we arrived, the inlet was packed with several boats and the current was strong so it was difficult finding a good place to anchor that would allow us to put out enough rode (chain). We wound up dragging  so moved to reset the anchor. Then we drug again! I guess the third time is a charm because we stayed put until it was time to leave. Renee and I were worried that we may find ourselves dragging again so we napped in shifts until around 11:00pm when we finally went below to bed. Needless to say we were tired when we left. The sail to Miami was perfect, we put the jib out immediately and motor sailed for a while until daylight and the wind increased enough to put up both sails and turn the engine off. It was awesome to be sailing again.

So we will remain in Miami just long enough to get a good weather window and make a run for the Bahamas. Can’t wait!