Since our last post we had another addition to the family, Knox Everett Williamson. Here is Knox with his proud dad Jesse. All are doing well and we are excited about our new grandson. Can’t wait to get Knox aboard for a little sailing. This makes two new grandsons in twelve weeks!

We are staying busy doing the Great Loop to visit both of our new Grandsons who live in Maryland and Tennessee. We sure do enjoy our time together and want to get to see them as much as possible before we head to the islands in December.

Since we purchased 5KNOTS we have been battling a front window leak. I have dug the caulk out and tried to fix it by recaulking from the outside. After several attempts at this, I just put some Gorilla tape over the outer edges and this kept it from leaking until we could get a replacement window. After inspection, we determined that the window had a small crack and figured there was no way to get it out without it breaking. I called Beneteau and we had to order the window from the factory in France. It took about eight weeks to get here because they had to make it. We installed the new window and it not only looks great but it doesn’t leak. Hopefully we won’t have to revisit this one.



We finally got out and did some sailing with our friend Peter on his Hunter 383. It was a good day with winds blowing at 10-15 knots with eventual gusts to over 22.  We had a great sail and was able to get back to the dock just as the rain came. It was a short shower and we were glad to get off the dock and sail.

We did have a bit of good news, the rigger came back and determined that our Jib furler was in good shape and that perhaps the halyard chaffing was due to either an improper hoist or just fatigue that occurred over the years. We attempted to put our Jib back in action and while doing so the top of the bolt rope tore as we were feeding it into the channel. We took this opportunity to go over it again and found a few additional spots that needed attention. So, back to the repair shop it went. There is always something to fix on a boat but at least we are at the dock finding these issues.

Our goal is to get sailing again as soon as possible and explore the surrounding area.  Stay tuned. . . . . . . . .