We arrived in Lyon on July 21st and it has been nonstop since we got here. Our plan is to help Anthony demo/remodel an apartment/condo they purchased with the hopes of being able to move in around the beginning of September. As is sometimes the case, things take longer than expected.

Anthony took the entire month of August off from work as does most of the people in France. This is a good thing if want to relax but also a bad thing if you are trying to line up plumbers and electricians. Doing the knocking down and rebuilding walls is something we planned to do ourselves but would need help with the plumbing and electricity. After all, spending hours watching HGTV’s home improvement shows, how hard can it be?

Since older construction in Lyon was done with concrete and brick, there isn’t any 2×4 studded walls covered in sheetrock. The load bearing walls are all solid concrete while the intermediate walls are brick covered with plaster. So knocking them down went fairly smoothly but then we had to get rid of all the brick. Did I mention that the unit is on the third floor? We rented a large construction dumpster, installed a chute and presto. Everything goes down the chute and into the dumpster.

As of this date, the demo is over, new metal studded walls are up with the kitchen and bathroom also sheet rocked. They managed to get an electrician and plumber and both have completed the rough in stage.

For Renee’s Birthday we took a long weekend and went to Tain-l’Hermitage. It is a small village south of Lyon in the country just a short hour ride by train. The weather was perfect and the train station is located just a short 10 minute walk from the center of town. We found a room in the hotel Les 2 Coteoux (The 2 Hills) at the edge of the Rhone River.

We enjoyed the weekend and spent our time walking the small villages on both sides of the river, the massive vineyards famous for this region and partaking in good food. Here is Renee checking out the signs at one of the intersections. Evidently there is a lot going on at this spot.