Leaving, we planned to make an overnight stop at the underwater statues located on the southwest side in Grenada just north of the St. George’s anchorage of Grand Anse. The statues are part of the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area and consists of a number of statues/objects scattered around the area in around 15 – 23 feet of water with the main sculpture consisting of a ring of figures all seeming to be holding hands. This stop has been on our to-do list since heading south last year. However, when we were approaching the statues a squall (rainy windy pocket of weather) was directly over the area. This resulted in no clear visibility into the water and increased wave heights. Realizing that this is not the day to enjoy a snorkel, we decided to press on to Rhonde Island which was another 20nm. Disappointed in not seeing the statues but not a problem making Rhonde because we left Grenada first thing in the morning.

Rhonde turned out to be exactly what were needing, a secluded anchorage on an uninhabited island with crystal clear water and a nice sandy beach. As soon as we arrived we picked our spot in around 12 feet of water just off of the beach. After we dropped anchor and secured the boat, we were greeted by a turtle just swimming by to see what we were up to. We continued to enjoy turtle visits our entire stay. They are amazing creatures and we always marvel when we see them.

We took time to clean the bottom of 5KNOTS, something we hadn’t done since leaving Grenada about a month ago. There were some barnacles and a coating of fuzz that had to be removed. The several weeks in the nutrition rich waters of Woburn Bay does a job on our bottom. We also spent our days swimming and playing on the beach.

Even though we would have liked to have stayed several more days and enjoy the place to ourselves, with heavy winds predicted we decided that we better leave and head to our next protected anchorage of Tyrell Bay, Carricou. We are familiar with Tyrell Bay because we have anchored there before. Tyrell Bay is a large bay with good protection, a customs office, yacht club, fuel dock, decent grocery store and several restaurants located around the bay. This will give us an opportunity to resupply, top off our fuel and water and also enjoy hiking around the island. On a previous outing, we visited Off The Hook and enjoyed its location. We decided to come back to Off the Hook and have Curtis ferry us over to Sandy Island just 1/2 mile from his beach. Sandy island is small with a large white sandy beach with a couple of reefs to snorkel. With snorkeling gear and snacks in hand we set out to enjoy the day on the island. Curtis picked us up for our shuttle back to Off The Hook at a prearranged time. We finished the day there and then made the hike back to our anchorage in Tyrell Bay.

Our next stop was Chatham Bay on Union island. Union has two mayor anchorages, Chatham Bay and Clifton Bay. Chatham is the more remote of the two while Clifton is the major settlement where the customs office is located. We chose Chatham because we prefer the seclusion and the more relaxed vibe. Chatham was a lot like Rhonde in that the water is chrystal clear and we found turtles swimming everywhere. It was nice to jump back in the water and enjoy the swim. There are also a couple of restaurants along the white sandy stretch of beach. Since we need to clear customs, we took a hike up the mountain through the National Park and then a taxi for the remainder of the journey to Clifton. Clifton is very much like the larger settlements that you find in the Caribbean Islands with several restaurants, shops and an outdoor market where you can buy local vegetables and souvenirs also made locally. Clifton also has this dingy dock area where Yachtie’s can come ashore. Union is also know for its kite surfing and located in Clinton you can take lessons and enjoy surfing in the bay.

Our next stop was to be Tobago Cays Marine Park. However, again with bad weather scheduled to arrive we decided that we should seek a sheltered anchorage. We decided on Bequia because it was close, there is plenty to do there and we knew we would be there for a week or two. A visit to Tobago Cays will have to wait.