Well, it is that time again and we find 5KNOTS back on the hard in a boat yard. This year she will stay at Grenada Marine Boat Yard (GMBY) in Grenada. This hurricane season Renee and I will be going to France to visit our oldest son Anthony and his family, Amel, Lalia and Maelie. We are very much looking forward to going.

We have several projects that need to get completed before we can set sail again in November. It didn’t take long to figure out that getting things done down here in Grenada is going to be more difficult than doing them in the United States. First, everybody is on island time so things just turn a little slower. Second, getting parts you need is also a challenge because in order to get parts here you will have to pay the extra shipping, a duty on goods entering the country and possibly paying a broker to handle the logistics. We are attempting to just have parts shipped directly to 5KNOTS at the yard or we just order them locally.

We did take a down day and took the #2 bus into St. Georges to do a little sightseeing. We went to Fort George, the Grenada National Museum and a Chocolate Museum. Along with rum, Grenada produces Nutmeg and Chocolate.

It is the rainy season here in Grenada and it make doing boat work even more of a challenge. It rains at least 6-7 times a day a day, ranging from a short shower to a torrential downpour. Since it is so constant, there is usually a few inches of standing water through the yard. The temperature is usually high 80’s to 90 degrees and the place is riddled with mosquitoes. They are so small that Renee had to put tape over the fly swatter to keep them from escaping through the holes.

We are off to France and will update site as things progress.