We have been back in Tennessee since the end of August and have readjusted to living on the land once again (sort of).

5KNOTS is still in Grenada on the hard and is for sale. We have had several showings,  a couple virtual showings using WhatsApp and many eMail inquiries. But no decent offer we feel that we can accept. Had it been a normal off season without COVID, I am sure there would have been a lot more activity for boat sales in Grenada. There is quite a large inventory of boats for sale in Grenada and Gary our broker at Horizon Yacht Sales as done a good job keeping in contact with prospective buyers and reporting back regularly with updates.

The stars align once again! Our friend Tim is available and looking for another sailing adventure. So he and I will be heading to Grenada in March to bring 5KNOTS back to the USA. Unfortunately, Renée won’t be joining us on this trip because she just started a full time job and is unable to take two months off. It won’t be the same traveling without her on this one. I am going to miss her!

We figured out all the hoops we have to jump through in order to be able to enter Grenada and made all the necessary requests, applications, reservations and now have our Travel Authorization from the Ministry of Grenada. We both need a negative RT-PCR Test taken within 72 hours of our flight from Miami to Grenada. Not finding a local test facility that will guarantee results within 24 hours, we opted for Lab24 which claims you will have your results within 24 hours of receipt of your sample. This is the first hoop and key to being able to board our plane. Let’s hope it all goes smoothly.

Upon arrival at the airport in Grenada, we will undergo a Health Evaluation and then be taken to our apartment where we will stay quarantined for at least seven days. On day five, we will be given another RT-PCR test to ensure we are COVID free. Once these results come back negative, our quarantine will be over and we will be free to move about Grenada. While in Grenada, we will adhere to whatever the current travel requirements/restrictions are.

After quarantine we will head to Clarks Court Boatyard to begin getting 5KNOTS ready to be put back into the water. In addition to the basic cleaning, I have several maintenance tasks that also have to be taken care of. Nothing major, just the normal commissioning items on the checklist that we do each time we get ready to be put back into the water. Of course, it’s a boat so you should always expect other things to come up also.

Thats it for now, more to come once in Grenada.  Cheers!