This picture shows how to stay dry during an afternoon shower. We took this picture while in Georgetown heading to the grocery store.

We got our mainsail back on January 8th and the repair looks amazing. You wouldn’t even know it had been repaired. We took the sail to Phillips Sailmakers ( where Larry went over the entire sail and reported back that the sail was actually in pretty good shape with the exception of some dry rotting along the leech (back edge of the sail). This type of damage is usually caused by improper stowing when the sail is not in use. Over time, the suns UV rays wreck havoc on sails and just about everything. Since 5KNOTS previous life was as a charter boat in St. Martin, this is probably the cause. If you are in need of sail repairs while in Nassau I would highly recommend Phillips Sailmakers.

We couldn’t wait to get back to sea and away from the marina life. So we left the following day in spite of forecasted rain showers later in the day. We could have stayed ahead of the showers had we been able to leave early morning but we had to wait for high tide which was around noon. We figured we would sail to Highbourne  Cay and stay for a few days to wait out the upcoming blow. With the afternoon squalls coming our way, we made good time and arrived at Highbourne before dark. We anchored just off of the cellular tower and rock & rolled for the next two days.

Once the weather improved, we sailed to Little Bay at Blackpoint. We stayed here several days and enjoyed the beach and the 1.5 mile walk into town. Black point has a few restaurants and a first class laundry facility. There is free water from a spigot in the middle of town close to the dingy dock. We took advantage of this and topped off our water during trips to town. We have four 5 gallon Jerry cans and several 1 gallon jugs that we use to schlep water from shore to 5KNOTS. We like to think of it as out gym membership.

From Blackpoint we went to Galliot Cut for one night and then made the 40 mile run to Georgetown where we hooked back up with our three buddy boats.

We arrived in Georgetown and anchored at Sand Dollar Beach on Stocking Island. There is three large anchorages on Stocking that can accommodate a large number of vessels. We wound up staying here for two weeks, partly because it is a fun place but also to ride out the 30+ knot winds with gusts over 40. We actually spent three days in the boat because it was to windy/rough to even go outside. Oh well, is this what people mean when they say we are “Living the Dream”?

During our stay we went to Chat & Chill several times for dancing, socializing and a bread baking class. Renee made a cheddar cheese loaf with herbs and sun dried tomatoes. It not only looks good it tastes great! We have meet several new friends who are also sailing or power boating through the Exuma’s. We all run into one another at different anchorages, it is a lot of fun to reconnect and catch up on where they have been.

We took several trips into Georgetown for supplies, laundry and water. The trip to Georgetown can be quite the event considering it is 1.5 miles away. The dingy dock is very nice and has fresh water right at the dock and you can fill your jugs while keeping them in your dingy (what a treat). The ride over is usually ok but the way back is brutal because you usually have to battle the wind and waves. By the time you get back to the boat, there isn’t a dry spot on you. I guess the silver lining is that you usually make it to town dry. Renee usually wears her rain gear while making the trek.

We went to St. Francis’s Resort to watch the Super Bowl. It was packed and we stayed until after the first half because we were leaving for Staniel Cay early in the morning.