Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Are you crazy?

A – The answer is simple, NO we are not crazy.  The thought of continuing to work everyday to save more money, to buy more things that we really don’t need and pass up a great adventure, is crazy. We do not get a second chance at this life here on earth so why not take a chance while we are still in good health.  There are no guarantees and if you wait for Someday, well it will never come.

Q – What are you going to do all day?

A – Whatever we want! There is always something to do to the boat (your home) each and every day.  Cleaning, repairing or just routine maintenance.  We will sleep as long as we want, get up and spend a couple of hours each day doing the boat chores. Then maybe take a nap, read a book, snorkel or take the Jetta to shore and explore the area. Watch the sunset and the stars each evening. Oh yes, I almost forgot, do some sailing. Sounds pretty good to me!

Q – How did you do it?

A – We first started wondering what it would be like to to be full-time cruisers while vacationing in the British Virgin Islands on a sailboat charter. Next we began reading books and watching YouTube videos of others that were full time cruisers. Love With The Chance Of Drowning, Leap Of Faith are great books and on YouTube we followed SV Delos, La Vagabonde as well as several others. Then the big question is, can we really do this? Always welcoming a challenge and a great adventure, we said why not us? Our thinking is that we would have to be free of debt and financial obligations other than the boat and our daily expenses. Remember, the easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of it! So we began selling our stuff, gave some to our children and the rest went to charities. It really was quite simple as I look back at that time. It took about two years to get rid of all of our stuff. During this time we searched and searched for the right boat until we purchased 5KNOTS, a 2011 Beneteau 40. We told our perspective employers that we would be leaving and away we went. One point to remember if you are considering doing what we did is that you cannot have everything figured out otherwise you will never go. Do the best you can, get the big stuff figured out and work the rest out on the journey.