Season #4 – COVID 19

It’s Been a Fun Ride

For those who have owned a boat, you know there is always something to fix or improve on and the list is just never ending. As you complete one task, you just add another (or two) to the bottom of the list. Then you work on whichever item you feel like that day and have enough time to devote to it. It is just the way it goes and you eventually get use to the concept and get some satisfaction as you finish each task. As

Got to Go Where It’s Warm

Did you every try and figure out how the airlines decide on flight costs? If you have, then I am sure you must have given up by now as I have in the case of flying from Knoxville to Grenada. American Airlines will take you from Knoxville to Grenada with a flight change in Miami. However, it's not that simple because the flight from Miami to Grenada leaves at 7:40am so you have to fly from Knoxville to Miami the night before and spend the night

Grenada Bound

We have been back in Tennessee since the end of August and have readjusted to living on the land once again (sort of). 5KNOTS is still in Grenada on the hard and is for sale. We have had several showings,  a couple virtual showings using WhatsApp and many eMail inquiries. But no decent offer we feel that we can accept. Had it been a normal off season without COVID, I am sure there would have been a lot more activity for boat sales in Grenada. There is quite

Another Season?

Having been back now for 5 months, we are trying to figure out what this year will be like for us. By this time we would have been back to the boat and cruising again. We immediately began re-visiting all the fun things we did prior to sailing. One of which is enjoying our 5 acres located in the Chilhowee Mountains. We go frequently to get away and enjoy its beauty and to begin clearing a spot where we could eventually build a home. Our property