Season #3 – Caribbean

It’s Splash Time Again

After three months in Europe, we are now back in Grenada. Our time away visiting Anthony and his family was awesome. We feel blessed that we were able to spend this amount of time with them. Now we have to sort out the remaining projects and get them completed ASAP in order to get back in the water. Life improves exponentially as soon as you get Splashed. Life On The Hard is not very pleasant. It is hot, lots of mosquitos, dirty and you have to climb about 8 feet


We wanted to take one more trip before our time in Europe would be up. We tossed around a few places such as Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Sicily. In deciding where to go we wanted to be able to get to our destination with as little hassle as possible and it should be reasonably priced. Round trip plane tickets to Sicily were $55.00 per person, a short 80 minute flight from Lyon to Palermo, plus food and lodging would be fairly inexpensive. Also my grandparents on


We scheduled a second mini vacation around my birthday and decided to circle Lake Geneva. We rented a car from Lyon and set out for our first destination, Annecy, France. We visited Annecy on one of our previous trips and decided to make it our first stop on the way to Switzerland. Annecy is sometimes called "Venice of the Alps", this idyllic and touristic representation comes from the three canals and the Thiou river lying through the old city and whose initial role was to protect

Lyon France

We arrived in Lyon on July 21st and it has been nonstop since we got here. Our plan is to help Anthony demo/remodel an apartment/condo they purchased with the hopes of being able to move in around the beginning of September. As is sometimes the case, things take longer than expected. Anthony took the entire month of August off from work as does most of the people in France. This is a good thing if want to relax but also a bad thing if you are trying to line up

Viva La France