Season #1 – Bahamas

On The Hard

We intended to stay a few days in St. Augustine in the mooring field to get re-aclimated to being back in the USA. While there, we made a couple of phone calls to working boat yards in Florida and Georgia to try and figure out where we would leave 5KNOTS for hurricane season. Green Cove Springs (GCS) said they could accommodate us but we were aware of past issues of vandalism and were concerned about the security at the yard. GCS is a large working yard located near

It’s Not Over til She’s On The Hard

Figuring that we still had a couple of weeks of cruising, we were looking forward to enjoying the Abacos as we began our journey back to the United States. We decided to stage our 56 mile sail over to Great Abaco Island in the protected basin at Royal Island. Royal Island has a basin that provides protection from the weather for just about any wind direction. Similar to Hatchet Bay but not as deep with clearer water. We decided to stay at Royal for three days, until we got

Spanish Wells

We found a decent weather window for the next few days so we figured we should take it. Leaving Long Island means that we are officially on our way north and ultimately back to the United States. During our stay in Long Island we found out that the water we had been purchasing from the Petroleum store at .54 per gallon was actually from a cistern and not RO (Reverse Osmosis). This was disappointing considering we had been here for over three weeks and overtime filled up both of our

Long Island

Since we did not want to get to the Abaco's until at least April 1st and heard good things about Long Island, we decided to make a U-Turn and head south again. Sadly, So Far So Good and Cantabile (two of our buddy boats) had schedule commitments and needed to push on up to the Abaco's. We hope to be able to rejoin them sometime in April. We made a short stop in Georgetown on our way to Long Island and hiked many of the trails. The main anchorage

Stainel Cay

Two of our buddy boats had packages delivered to the marina in Staniel Cay so we headed that way so they could pick them up. Headed that way is an under statement considering it is about 60 miles north of Georgetown. None the less, time is our friend and we got the weather window we have been waiting for so off we go. Here is the whole crew sitting at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. On the way from Georgetown we spent one night at

Georgetown, Exumas

This picture shows how to stay dry during an afternoon shower. We took this picture while in Georgetown heading to the grocery store. We got our mainsail back on January 8th and the repair looks amazing. You wouldn't even know it had been repaired. We took the sail to Phillips Sailmakers ( where Larry went over the entire sail and reported back that the sail was actually in pretty good shape with the exception of some dry rotting along the leech (back edge of the sail). This type of damage is

New Years 2018

We are so happy that Anthony, Amel, Lalia and Maelie came to visit us in the Bahamas. We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Looking at the upcoming weather, we decided that it would be best to spend a few days anchored off of Rose Island rather than attempt to travel the 40 miles down to Schroud Cay. Rose island is only 8 miles from Palm Cay Marina and we can get there in just over an hour. We left the marina the

Swimming in Champagne

We left NoName with light winds and 3 foot seas so we played motor boat for the next two days. We easily crossed the Gulf Stream and spent our first night on the Bahama Banks at Mackie Shoals. If you are heading to the Bahamas you do not want to miss this experience. You are in the middle of what seems like nowhere and you can count Starfish on the bottom in 20 feet of water. We safely anchored at Mackie Shoals in 10 feet and spent an

NoName Harbor

Much has happened since first arriving in Miami. On the third day while anchored at Marine Stadium, a squall came through with high winds, waves and lots of rain. During the squall several boats started dragging anchor and 5KNOTS was one of them. Fortunately we were at the beginning of the basin because the squall blew the dragging boats towards the back and it took us three times to finally get the anchor set properly. Two of the unlucky boats wound up on shore at the back of the basin.

Miami Sound Machine

We are back in Miami and there is an abundant supply of Latin music in the air. Miami is rich with a Latin/Hispanic feel that you can find all over the city. It is an exciting city that seems as if it never sleeps. We are currently anchored at the Marine Stadium basin with our three other buddy boats where we will stay for a few days before moving around to NoName harbor. The basin, as is NoName harbor are quiet during the week but on weekends the