Much has happened since first arriving in Miami.

On the third day while anchored at Marine Stadium, a squall came through with high winds, waves and lots of rain. During the squall several boats started dragging anchor and 5KNOTS was one of them. Fortunately we were at the beginning of the basin because the squall blew the dragging boats towards the back and it took us three times to finally get the anchor set properly. Two of the unlucky boats wound up on shore at the back of the basin. Previously, we had been in several nasty situations and our 44 pound Delta anchor with 125′ of chain out always did the trick. What was different this time? One factor was that we did not have enough chain out (scope) for the conditions when they got worse and maybe the Delta which is a plow style anchor did not hold well in the basin bottom. Regardless, we were concerned for what will await us for the next several months in the Bahamas. The plow style relies on a muddy bottom in order to create a suction to allow the anchor a good hold. Knowing that in the Bahamas the bottom is sand and coral, we did not trust the Delta in those conditions. So we decided on a Rocna 20 (44 pounds) and I was able to Uber from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale to our favorite, West Marine. Turned out to be an easy trip, except for the $100 it took to Uber both ways. I was back in 1 1/2 hours with our new Rocna.

By this time our buddy boat fleet had relocated to NoName harbor because we needed to do laundry and fill our water tanks before heading to the Bahamas. When we arrived in NoName, the place was empty and we thought it might have been closed because they were repairing the sea wall from damage that occurred during Irma. All four of our boats found a nice spot and were enjoying the tranquility. Not so fast! NoName was not going to disappoint us. Renee and I decided to go into town to the grocery store and during that time 10 additional boats came in looking for a spot to anchor. After awhile the basin fills up and rather than understand there isn’t any more room, people try and anchor anyway. This results in chaos, boats being hit, anchors dragging on other anchor chains and in general, a mess. One catamaran started heading towards 5KNOTS. Jane & David started yelling for them to not anchor there but the captain had other plans. So, Jane & David took their fenders and all five of ours and put them around 5KNOTS to secure the inevitable collision. Fortunately for us, another catamaran anchored in front of us took the hit.

Renee heard from our friend Chri who was already in the Bahamas that some supplies were hard to find in the grocery stores and what was there is expensive. So Renee re-inventoried our stores and decided that it would be a good idea to get additional supplies. I started wondering where she was going to stash anything else into this boat but she assured me I would thank her for the additional supplies. She was right once again (don’t you just Love it). These goodies are stashed under the cabin sole (floor).

Renee removed all of the items from their original boxes to save room and removed the labels from cans and wrote what was in them on the top of each can. I can’t wait to eat the beef ravioli! She is getting to be a pro at this and would think she has been doing it for years. She attributes her skills largely to all those camping trips with our five children, their friends and watching YouTube videos of others that decided to live this lifestyle.

Knowing we were only going to be in NoName for four days, we brought our “A” game and finished all last minute projects, provisioning and callings family and friends. Once in the Bahamas we knew we would be out of touch for days at a time due to lack of cell coverage. Renee organized a get together for all that were anchored in the basin to grill and share a side on our last day here.  Renee decided to take advantage of the grills at NoName and cook for for the next week or two, hamburgers, brats, Italian sausage, chicken and pork chops. This way all she has to do is warm them up as needed.

The weather window we were looking is here, “Off to the Bahamas”!