Since our last post we found room on a charter flight that would take us to St. Thomas where we can get a connection back to Miami. The flight is scheduled to leave Grenada in two weeks and we have reserved our seats and secured connections to Miami and then on to Jacksonville.

Since the COVID situation is at best uncertain and seems to not be getting any better at least in the United States, we thought long and hard as to what our next move will be for 5KNOTS and whether we want to continue cruising. We just completed our 4th year as full-time cruisers and our original plan was to cruise for at least 5 years.

We had planned to spend the past six months cruising here in the Caribbean, then leave 5KNOTS on the hard for the upcoming hurricane season and return to the USA for a few months. After hurricane season we would fly back to Grenada in January and sail 5KNOTS back to the US where we would put her up for sale. We left Grenada Dec 25th and island hopped north until we reached St. Martin on March 15th. These couple of months were fantastic until March 16th, when everything was locked down due to COVID.

So what’s next? We figured that even if we could get back to Grenada next year that sailing back to the US would be difficult if not impossible. It is doubtful that the COVID problems will be solved by then and the islands will most likely not allow cruising in/out of their countries like we could do in the past. Currently, if you are allowed entry, you are required to quarantine for two weeks and in most cases have to take a COVID test. This would make traveling by boat impossible. So, we figured it is best if we put 5KNOTS up for sale here in Grenada and just stop cruising a year early. We have mixed feelings because we will miss much of the cruising life and the wonderful things we have experienced, but it just seems like it is time to set a different course. Here is the link to the listing for 5KNOTS should you know anybody looking for a good boat –

Now that we have a departure date and exit strategy, we have to complete a couple of boat projects and also enjoy our remaining time here in Grenada. Renée took on the job of sanding and putting a couple of coats of varnish on our salon table. She did an awesome job!

We usually try and get to the beach at least once or twice a week and visit downtown St. Georges. Here are a few pictures of Grand Anse Beach located in St. Georges. This is one of the most beautiful beaches we have found in the Caribbean and is located right downtown. The beach stretches along the resorts and hotels and I would image that before COVID, would be crowded with beach goers. However, with the International Airport closed to incoming flights, all resorts are empty. We basically have the entire beach to ourselves. That is really nice for us but an economic disaster for Grenada. I see how difficult it is for people back in the US and can only imagine what the economical impact is for an island like Grenada.

In addition to cleaning her up and making any necessary repairs, we have the added chore of packing up all of our personal belongings and ship them back to Tennessee. The first challenge is carrying all of our items over a mile from the boat back to the apartment for sorting and organizing. Of course it is uphill all the way back. Then we have to locate boxes that we can use for our packing. Fortunately there is a business on the first floor of our apartment that gets deliveries at least once a week. Now that we have a pretty good handle on how mush is going back, we have to take our packages to a broker here in Grenada and they will send the boxes off to a shipper who in turn will deliver them to another broker in Miami. Once in Miami, that broker will arrange for either FedEx or UPS to take the boxes the last leg to Tennessee. I am not sure what this is going to cost us but do know that each broker and shipper requires payment. Ouch! Whatever the cost, it will be less expensive then repurchasing them back in the US. It is hard to believe that except for some backpacking gear, what’s in these boxes is basically all that we have. Maybe a good thing?

Below is a picture of the Cruiser’s Reef Restaurant located at the boatyard. They have  good food and reasonably priced so we usually stop before our schlep back to the apartment.  Renée is making one of our trips back to the apartment with a load being cheered on by one of the local goats.

With less than two more weeks to go before our flight, we hope that neither of the flights will be canceled. Wish us luck, and will see you back in the USA.