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All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

In preparation for a long journey through the Bahamas and Caribbean, you have to try and figure out what additional spare parts you will have to bring along. Ordering spares here in the United States is fairly easy, but having to get these ordered and shipped while cruising has its challenges. We ordered several items, including the complete set of curtesy flags for the Eastern Caribbean and out islands. We returned to the boatyard immediately after the New Year in order to complete the remaining items from our


Living in a boat yard is not all that bad. Did I just say that? Here at St. Marys Boat Services (SMBS) we are fortunate to be located close to the river and get to enjoy beautiful sun sets like this one almost every evening. We have a list of projects/repairs that we would like to complete before splashing in January. The list contains things that "must" be completed and others we consider as "would be nice". The list seems to grow and shrink almost daily. As one project

Annapolis Boat Shows

We have been to the Annapolis Sailboat show several times and are planning to go again this year. However, this year we decided to work both the Sail and Power Boat Shows. This will give us some additional income and allow us to visit the shows on our days off. Renee signed up first and then I followed. During our phone interview, Renee told the lady in charge that we wanted to work the same schedules but she wanted to be on a different team then me. Not sure

On the Move

We find that after a couple of weeks in any one spot we get the itch to keep moving. We had a few days to kill before the Annapolis Boat Shows (where we will be working), so we decided to head north and do some camping. While looking for a convenient place to stop for the night, I noticed we were close to Nazareth, Pennsylvania which is home to the C.F. Martin Guitar Factory. I have always wanted to visit and figured what better time than the present. We

Life On The Hard

Much has happened since we left 5KNOTS in Saint Marys. Our original thinking is that we would not need our own vehicle while living on Land. However, the cost of having to rent a car or book a flight would become to expensive in a hurry. So we decided to look for an inexpensive, reliable vehicle that would take us where we wanted to go and also double as a portable storage locker. We did the normal stuff like checking Craig's List and hitting all the

On The Hard

We intended to stay a few days in St. Augustine in the mooring field to get re-aclimated to being back in the USA. While there, we made a couple of phone calls to working boat yards in Florida and Georgia to try and figure out where we would leave 5KNOTS for hurricane season. Green Cove Springs (GCS) said they could accommodate us but we were aware of past issues of vandalism and were concerned about the security at the yard. GCS is a large working yard located near

It’s Not Over til She’s On The Hard

Figuring that we still had a couple of weeks of cruising, we were looking forward to enjoying the Abacos as we began our journey back to the United States. We decided to stage our 56 mile sail over to Great Abaco Island in the protected basin at Royal Island. Royal Island has a basin that provides protection from the weather for just about any wind direction. Similar to Hatchet Bay but not as deep with clearer water. We decided to stay at Royal for three days, until we got

Spanish Wells

We found a decent weather window for the next few days so we figured we should take it. Leaving Long Island means that we are officially on our way north and ultimately back to the United States. During our stay in Long Island we found out that the water we had been purchasing from the Petroleum store at .54 per gallon was actually from a cistern and not RO (Reverse Osmosis). This was disappointing considering we had been here for over three weeks and overtime filled up both of our

Long Island

Since we did not want to get to the Abaco's until at least April 1st and heard good things about Long Island, we decided to make a U-Turn and head south again. Sadly, So Far So Good and Cantabile (two of our buddy boats) had schedule commitments and needed to push on up to the Abaco's. We hope to be able to rejoin them sometime in April. We made a short stop in Georgetown on our way to Long Island and hiked many of the trails. The main anchorage

Stainel Cay

Two of our buddy boats had packages delivered to the marina in Staniel Cay so we headed that way so they could pick them up. Headed that way is an under statement considering it is about 60 miles north of Georgetown. None the less, time is our friend and we got the weather window we have been waiting for so off we go. Here is the whole crew sitting at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. On the way from Georgetown we spent one night at