We have been to the Annapolis Sailboat show several times and are planning to go again this year. However, this year we decided to work both the Sail and Power Boat Shows. This will give us some additional income and allow us to visit the shows on our days off.

Renee signed up first and then I followed. During our phone interview, Renee told the lady in charge that we wanted to work the same schedules but she wanted to be on a different team then me. Not sure what she meant by this but i agreed. We arrived at orientation and was given our assignments. Renee was teamed with a partner and assigned to a boat.

Their job is to transport large strings of 10′ x 20′ docks about a mile from the staging area in Carrs Creek to the the show area at the town dock (Ego Alley). They would bring strings of 17 – 20 floating docks at a time total length is close to 400′. This required expert boat skills and experienced dock handlers. They would have to work around all of the boats in the mooring field and navigate around the others who just came to have a look.

I was assigned to a team whose job was to rearrange and assemble the dock pieces into the appropriate configuration and pin them in place. Then you have to wait until the scheduled boat arrives and grab a line and secure them into their slots. Once this is done, the next set of dock pieces are moved and pinned into place. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and every part has to happen at the correct time. Our days were long, usually leaving by 6:00 am and not returning until 7:00-8:00 in the evening.

If you are at all interested in boating, you should make sure to visit the Annapolis Boat Shows. The Sailboat is the largest in-water show in the United States and the Power Boat had over 400 boats on display this year. We were assigned gate duties during show days that we worked. Here we checked tickets, provided wrist bands and gave out information. This was much easier on the body than the assembly days, a nice break.

After the Sailboat show, the docks had to be unhooked in order to allow for the sailboats to exit. This entire process took around 5 hours. The top of Pusser’s was packed with spectators enjoying beverages and cheering as the boats left. It looked like a lot of fun so maybe we will be doing that next year. The next day starts the Power Boat setup and it is the same process as was done with the sailboats. However, the arrangement of docks and boats are totally different, so you have to do it all again. Here is a link to a time lapse change over of the show – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfOl6lcrhL8

You never know who you might see at the show. We ran into Foxy Caldwell from the famed Foxy’s in the British Virgin Islands.

We are now back in St. Marys beginning the repairs that we have scheduled. Still looking for a sail date early January 2019.